Rejection Pretty Much Sucks

I recently learned I won’t be offered a postdoc I really wanted. There are other pending and as yet unrealized opportunities. Rejection is always a risk in science (papers, fellowships, grants, and now jobs), and everybody gets a lot of it. I knew these things going into the postdoc job market.

But sometimes when you come so close to something you can almost taste it, and you start to imagine yourself living in that not-yet-happened situation, working in that very lab with those very people, moving your family to the region – what neighborhood would we move to? Where are the nearest daycares? Oh, it’s so much better than Brooklyn, because we can afford a backyard… Reality can really smack you right in the face, and it’s a huge letdown.

But it’s not over. Other opportunities abound. I have skills, publications, and darn it, people like me!

I’ll get back up. I am still filled with resolve. The future is going to happen, anyway, right? Sigh…. Sometimes, resolve is so much work, you kind of want to just sleep in and drink a little coffee while reading The New Yorker for a while. Reminds me of these guys:

I am the battle-worn king inspiring my army, which is also me (and my wife and child) into the battle of our lives – THE FUTURE!!! Which will be sometime in the morning, just after some odds and ends we have to do, and maybe a little me time, perhaps?


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