The Tide Comes in… (duh)

Thanks to for embedding this terrific segment in which astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson argues Bill O’Reilly’s assertion that proof of God exists where scientists are ignorant. The examples of scientific ignorance O’Reilly uses (I paraphrase: “tide comes in, tide goes out – how do you explain that?”) are QUITE EXPLAINABLE.

Listen to deGrasse Tyson’s extremely convincing counter, and you be the judge:

Well put, Neil.

Here’s a video of O’Reilly explaining his reasoning. The utter lack of logic is stupefying.


6 Comments on “The Tide Comes in… (duh)”

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  2. benpounds says:

    Mars has no tides because it has no ocean. Bill ‘O Reilly may be trying to ask “why?” in a broader, more philosophical sense, and saying that the Universe follows the order that it does because of God, sort of like what Isaac Newton believed, not that God replaces any other explanation.

    • Marc Tollis says:

      I think that he confounds the ideas of uniformintarianism (vast geologic time plus vertical inheritance of traits) by denying that the “human body and all its intricacies” are the result of pure luck. No evolutionist has ever asserted as such.

      • benpounds says:

        True. I’m giving him the benefit of a doubt, assuming him to believe in theistic evolution because he’s Catholic and that’s the Church’s position. If so, he should be asking “why?” for all of these questions, not “how?”

  3. benpounds says:

    Of course, there’s always Colbert’s explanation that the moon is God. Seriously, I doubt that he’s just saying he doesn’t understand it, because he’s also used the sun coming up and down, and I doubt he doesn’t know why that happens. He’s just not very good at explaining his views.

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